Politique de l’emploi

S1 - 6 ECTS

Philippe Askenazy


Cours du master PPD M2, accessibles aux élèves ENS ayant une formation minimale en économie. Prendre contact avec Philippe.askenazy@ens.fr

During the past 4 decades, the struggle against unemployment remained at the top of the agenda of policy makers. The historical and institutional
perspective focuses on the key connections between macro policies, in
France and other countries, including developing countries. The
comparative perspective of the current policies proves that national
socio-economic conditions play also a major role in the variety of
responses to unemployment and labor market inefficiencies.

2016/2017 - Campus Jourdan, salle E101, le mercredi de 13h30 à 16h30 ( 28 sept - 5 oct - 12 oct - 19 oct - 9 nov - 16 nov - 23 nov - 30 nov - 7 déc).